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*[[And The Weirdest Of Them All...]]*

Hiyas! I'm a joo (which...I guess should be expected) >_> but I haven't really seen the kind of backgrounds everyone is from! I'm a very..strange...jewish..person and stupid people ask me how I'm jewish if I don't look jewish (eh? wtf is that supposed to mean?...) Well, lets put it in more simple words... o.O I'm chinese&black X3 <--which by itself is a very...strange combination... my mother is jewish and all but we aren't really observant (there is tons of buddha stuff lying around here) and I did learn hebrew a while back but I totally forgot it :x Eek, forgot name. X3 My name ish Meko Lin I hope I don't get points taken off for this stuff X3 (*akward silence*) at one point of my life I plan to visit Israel, but I'm not really sure :/ I usually visit Shangahi in December though o.O I hope that I don't appear "un" jewish to you X3 haha I said unjewish!
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