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Newb, in more ways than one

Hey peeps.

this may sounds kind of odd to many of you, but I've just found out I'm Jewish and it's a bit of a shock to the system.

I've always known about Jewish traditions, as I was brought up in a strict Christian family who believed in the whole of the Bible and never hid the fact that Jesus was a Jew (something many people seem to forget!!), and felt some kind of connection with the Jews which I never understood.

A few months ago my dad was looking over some of my mum's family history and the name Moses came up. We looked into it and it was a woman on my mum's mum's mum's mum's..... side who was Jewish. So according to Jewish tradition I'm Jewish, apparently.

I have to say, it was really weird to find out when you're an adult and you think you know everything about yourself. It did explain why I felt such a connection to Jewish people and why I've always felt a strong calling to go to Isreal. I've always felt like I'm being called "home", but never knew why.

OK, I sound like a nutter, but this is truly how I've felt.

Anyway, I decided to join here because I only know 2 Jewish people and they're not the most knowledgable about it because, like me, they found out about their heritage as adults. Basically, I want to learn about what it means to be a Jew and get to know Jewish people.
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